This is a project from the department of visual communication. Its an animated graphic of ecological footprint. The data is analyzed in a 5 step motion mechanism, 4 times daily and their influence ... | more...

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Channels: Genetics

Tags: An ecological footprint

Upload by: SamuelMorse on 22-11-2010.

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Membrane Voltage

Transmembrane Potential

Contraction of muscle: function of neuromuscular junction

Neuron Resting Potential

Role of neurotransmitter in nerve signal transmision.

Neurotransmitter Synapse 3D Animation

Sructural features of neurons

Substance P - Neurology

Structure and function of synapse

The Resting Membrane Potential

The Schwann Cell and Action Potential

Neuron Synapse

Function of chlorophyll

Calcium carbonate

Crushing of Calcium Carbonate

Double Bond Formation

Convert Alcohol into Flaming Jelly using Vinegar and Antacid

Electron Orbitals - s,p & d

Hybrid Orbital Formation

Get Lithium Metal From an Energizer Battery

The world of hybridization

Introduction to Electron Configuration

Make Nitric Acid - The Complete Guide

Molecular Shapes And Hybridization

What is sp3, sp2, and sp hybridization

3 Ways to Create Copper Sulfate Tutorial

Making Sulfuric Acid

What is Orbital Molecular Theory


How to produce iodine from alkali Metal Iodide

Who Won the Noble Prize in Chemistry 2008?

How to make iodine from alkali metal iodide

What Are Molecular Orbitals


S And P Orbitals

Conformations of methylcyclohexane

Hydrogen Bonding

How Does The SP Bond Forms

What do the 2p Orbitals look like?

What Are London Forces

Sigma Bonding

Male Reproductive Model - Plaque Model - Ductus Deferens

Describing the Male External Genitalia

Male Reproductive Model - Plaque Model - Root of the Penis

Parts of a Male Urinary Bladder

Male Reproductive Model

Male Reproductive Model - Upright Model - Penis

Upright Model of Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive Model Upright-Model - Skeletal-Muscles

Mitosis Models

New Cell Model - Cell Membrane & Nucleus

New Cell Model - Membranous Organelles

New Cell Model - Nonmembranous Organelles

Old Cell Model - Membranous Organelles

Old Cell Model - Nucleus & Centrioles

Osteon Model

Ovarian Model - Introduction

Ovary Model - Corpus Luteum & Corpus Albicans

Ovary Model - Primordial & Primary Follicles

Ovary Model - Secondary & Mature Follicles

Pulmonary Embolism, treatment

Before Time and Space

EVOLUTION and GLOBAL WARMING (A Suspicious Correlation -

Evolution and Oxygen

Evolution's Fresh Water Dilemma

Evolution: A Theory in Dilemma - IPU Edition

Float - Chemosynthesis 1.0

Hitler's Secret Berlin

The God Particle : The Higgs Boson

CERN : The Standard Model Of Particle Physics

Renal Corpuscle Model - Renal Capsule

Renal Corpuscle Model - Tubular & Vascular Poles

Renal Lobe Model - Cortex & Medulla

Renal Lobe Model - Cortical Nephron

Renal Lobe Model - Juxtaglomerular Nephron

The female reproductive system

Respiratory System: the airways

The lower respiratory system

Respiratory System Structure and Function

How the Respiratory System Works

Knowing about the Human Respiratory System

Sarcomere Model Cross Sectional View

Sarcomere Model Organelles

Sarcomere Model Sarcomere Structure

Simple Skin Model - Dermis

Epidermis of the skin

Simple Skin Model - Glands & Sensory Structures

Simple Skin Model - Hair Follicle

Chromosome to DNA

What is a chromosome

Chromosomes explained

Evidence of common ancestry human chromosome 2

Mutations And Evolution

Chromosomes Morphology in Humans

Genetics - Human Chromosome 2 Genome with Ken Miller

The Devastation of Evolution - Chirality


Introduction to Dental Anatomy

Abdominal Muscles Video

Orbital Hybridization

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.