Wide-field telescope observations of the remote and therefore early Universe, looking back to a time when it was a fifth of its present age, have revealed an enormous string of galaxies about 300 m... | more...

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Channels: Physics (General)

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What is Gene?

Human Genome Project - Mapping

The process of making a gene library

Building Subclones

How sequencing products are processed.

Enzyme specificity

Fatty Acid Metabolism


Glycolysis pathway - Enzyme match up

Optical projection tomography showing Pkd1 expression in the

Stem Cells Part I

Stem Cells Part II

Stem Cells Part III

Stem Cells Part IV

Cadherins: Structure and Function Part I (introduction)

Cadherins: Structure and function part II

Cadherins: Structure and function part III - adherens junctions and tissue morphogenesis

Cadherins: Structure and function part IV

Cadherins: Structure and Function Part V ( Conclusion )

How joints gets destructed, and can we cure it?

Can viruses be transferred between species: Antigenic Shift

Cloning - presentation

Stem Cells by Joseph G. Marx

Diversity of Life: Introduction to Viruses ( Seminar )

The Sperm's Once-in-a-Life-Time Journey

Transmission of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Listeria (Listeriosis)

Stickleback Fossil Primer

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

Microarrayer In Action

Sexual reproduction and asexual cloning

Mice's life: activity

Are You a Night Owl or a Morning Lark?

Bacterial flora in mouth

Listeria and Gelatin

Salmonella Infection Demonstration

Salmonella Video

How Small Bacteria and Viruses Really Are?

How Diseases are Spread? Airplane and Tuberculosis Story

How Virulence Factors get in Cells? A Demonstration


Kidney Function

Penny Glows: catalysts

Tartarate oxidation: colors and gases - catalysts

Dangers of Darwin’s theory: interview with Daniel Dennet

Brilliant Natural Selection? Daniel Dennett Interview 2

Public acceptance of evolution: interview with Daniel Dennet

Museums and Secular Institution: Daniel Dennett Interview 4

Magic beneath Religion - Daniel Dennett Interview 5

World Religion - Daniel Dennett Interview 6

Natural Selection is Blind - Peter Atkins Interview 1

Understanding Genetics - Peter Atkins Interview 2

Creationism - why bother at all? Peter Atkins Interview 3

Acceptance of evolution: does it matter?

Does genetics help understanding evolution: interview with P

Science as Unifying Force - Peter Atkins Interview 6

Moral Instinct's Evolution - Marc Hauser Interview 1

Ramifications Everywhere - Marc Hauser Interview 2

Are we Still Evolving - Marc Hauser Interview 4

Understanding Genetics - Marc Hauser Interview 3

Selection In Human Genome Era - Marc Hauser Interview 5

Influence of evolution on education: interview with Marc Hau

The issue of evolution and education: interview with Marc Ha

Dynamics of Evolution: interview with Ian Tattersall

What makes human different? Interview with Ian Tattersall

Evolution of Humans - Ian Tattersall Interview 3

Common Descent - Ian Tattersall Interview 4

Evolution: an interview with Ian Tattersall-1

Human evolution: interview with Ian Tattersall

Primates and Ian Tattersall: Strong Connection Interview 7

TEDTalks Dan Dennett 2006

DNA Duplication and Mutations

Creationism? Evolution.

C.elegans micro-injection

Egg Micro-injection

Expression Pattern of daf-12::GFP in Caenorhabditis elegans

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 1

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 2

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 3

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 4

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 6

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 7

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 8

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 9

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 10

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 5

Auto Catalytic RNA: Nobel Prize

Micrarray movie

Rosalind Franklin, DNA Discoveries in Science and Art

Evolution of Human Genome

3D Animation of Neutral Impulses

Neurons and Neuro-transmitters

Brain Plasticity

Use of Nanobots in Medical Technology

Nanobots Flowing Through a Blood Vessel

Diabetes: What most don't know that could save their lives

Dr. Peter D'Adamo: Blood Type, Diet and Stress

Antibody structure - LiaGen

Role of antibodies in specific immunity

Immune System, White Blood Cells, T-Cells, Cancer Cells

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.