This video describes the anatomy of the human heart. In this video all the many parts of the bodies hardest working organ are described including the Intraventricular septum, tricuspid valve, bicus... | more...

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Channels: Medical

Tags: human heart heart anatomy heart anatomy tutorial

Upload by: Edison on 13-11-2010.

Duration: 4m 35s

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ATP Synthase

An Exothermic Redox Reaction

Dysfunctional HDL increases the risk of atherosclerosis

Fermentation (Anaerobic respiration) Lactic Acid and Ethanol

Gradients video

Ionic Regulation Across Cell Membranes

Lipoprotein Physiology_ Chylomicron

Liquid Chlorophyll

Lipoproteins in the Blood

More on orbitals and electron configuration

How lipoprotein is transported in the body

Metabolism of low density lipoprotein

Acetabular Preparation and Instrumentation - Direct Anterior

Receptor Mediated Endocytosis of LDL Cholesterol

Digestive Process Beginnings

Structure of bone: formation of circumferential lamellae

Remodeling of bone

Role of LDL and HDL in atherosclerosis

The process of discovery of the importance of Vitamin C

Structure of femur

Osteons: structure and functions

Periosteum: the link between bone and ligaments

2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Announcement

American Shares Nobel Prize in Physics

Bony Labyrinth Model - Cochlea

Bony Labyrinth Model - Semicircular Canals

Bony Labyrinth Model - Vestibule

Cerebral Nuclei

Brain Stem Anatomy Model - Corpus Callosum & Hippocampus

Interview about the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

Brain Stem Model - Inferior View II - Medulla & Cranial Nerv

Brain Stem Model - Insula & Corpus Callosum Anatomy and Phys

Brain Stem Model - Lateral & Third Ventricles

Brain Stem Model - Medial View - Caudate Nucleus

Interview about 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Brain Stem Model - Lateral View - Cranial Nerves

Brain Stem Model - Sagittal View - Metencephalon & Medulla

Brain Stem Model - Sagittal View - Hypothalamus

Brain Stem Model - Sagittal View - Thalamus & Epithalamus

Brain Stem Model - Sagittal View - Midbrain

Interview with 2009 Nobel Loriettes

Brain Stem Model - Ventricles

Brian Stem Model - Superior View

Interview with Roger Y. Tsien, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008

Bronchial Tree Model - Bronchi

Bronchial Tree Model - Larynx - Anterior View

Bronchial Tree Model - Larynx - Posterior View

Interviews with Dr. Blackburn

Bronchial Tree Model - Larynx - Sagittal View

Bronchial Tree Model - Trachea

Interview about the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics

Nobel Prize 2010 for Physics

Martha Argerich, Interview in Stockholm for the Nobel Prize

How the respiratory system works and its mechanism

Pulmonary Embolism

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Robert Grubbs and Richard Schrock

Nobel Prize in Literature 2007, Doris Lessing

Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2008 Shimomura Chalfie Tsien BBC

Nobel Prize in Physics Theodor Hansc Interview

Nobel Prize in Literature 2008, Interview with Jean-Marie

Phone Interview with M Chalfie 2008 Nobel Prize Chemistry

Orbital hybridization in Sigma and pi bonds

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

Steve Clemons Interviews Joseph Stiglitz

Pulmonary Embolism CT scan

Cochlea Model

Ames Test - Carcinogens and Natural foods

Composite Skin Model - Epidermis & Dermis

Composite Skin Model - Glands

Global Warming Caused by Humans

Composite Skin Model - Introduction

Hair Follicle

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Composite Skin Model - Sensory Structures

Bioaccumulation movie yannick and ruben

Bioaccumulation of Pollution in Waterways-Animation

Ear Model

Calcareous Algae

Eye Model - Skeletal Muscles

Methanogens: microbes that produce marsh gas

Female Reproductive Model - External Genitalia

Female Reproductive Model - Midsagittal View

CT scan fossil Planktonic foraminifera

Female Reproductive Model - Pelvic Organs (Surface View)

Convention on Biological Diversity

Half-Head Model - Larynx

Half-Head Model - Nasal Cavity

Half-Head Model - Pharynx


Heart Model - Azygos and Brachiocephalic Veins

The first time machine

Heart Model I - Anterior Surface

Heart Model I - Miscellaneous Features

DVT & Pulmonary Embolism

Entanglement - Cancer and Sun Tzu Art of War -Yi Jing

Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy using Zeeman Background

Gas Chromatography Explained 1980

The energy pyramid in ecosystem

HPLC Autosampler

How To Time Travel

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.