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Channels: Astrophysics

Tags: NASA Dawn's Mission to the Asteroid Belt

Upload by: buraktube on 10-11-2010.

Duration: 4m 24s

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what is a Photon

What's a Neutrino

The Search For Hidden Dimensions - Brian Greene, RDF TV

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The Standard Model Explains Force


Z to Muon Muon Collision Event

Z to e+ e- Collision Event

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Double Slit Experiment - The Strangeness Of Quantum Mechanic

Standard Model

CERN - The Standard Model Of Particle Physics

Gravity, Branes And Hidden Dimensions

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Electromagnetic motor


Hypertension and Stroke (Health Tip)

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Single Incision Laparoscopic Colectomy utilizing SILS port

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Cloning humans - part 4 of 6

Cloning humans - part 2 of 6

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