Protein immunoblot commonly called the western blot is a method used to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue. | more...

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Lecture list for this course

Protemist DT - Automated Wheat Germ Protein Synthesizer

Photon - 96 well Chemiluminescence Reader

Precipitor (TM) - Affinity Magnetic High Throughput Immunoprecip

GST-fusion Protein Purification

Protein Quantification (CBR)

Protein Quantification (OD280)

Cell Counting (Attached cell)

Cell Counting (Suspension cell)

Cell Culture (Attached cell)

Cell Culture (Suspension Cell)

Protein Quantification (Silver Stain)

Bradford method of protein quantification

GST Enzymatic Digestion

Detection of bacteria and fungus in tissue culture

Mycoplasma Assay

PCR Purification

PCR Cloning (I)- Insert PCR

PCR Cloning (II)- Digestion

PCR Cloning (III)- Ligation

PCR Cloning (IV)- Transformation

PCR Cloning (V)- Colony Selection

PCR Cloning

Cre-Lox Recombination

Gateway Recombination

Real-time PCR

Reverse Transcription PCR

RNA Extraction from Cell Culture

RNA Extraction from Tissue

mRNA Extraction

Antibody Array for Protein Expression Profiling

Analysis of protein expression: tissue microarray

Antibody Conjugation-Biotinylation

Antibody Conjugation-FITC

Antibody Purification (Affinity)

Indirect ELISA

Plasmid DNA Extraction (Miniprep)

Competitive ELISA




Process of DNA Sequencing

How to Formulate a Polymerase Chain Reaction

Antibody Pair for Protein Protein Interaction

Transfected Lysate (Native)

Transfected Lysate (Denatured)

Dot Blot

Antibody Purification (Protein A Column)

Magnetic Beads Conjugation

RNAi Transfection

Sandwich ELISA


H&E Staining

Plasmid DNA Extraction (Midiprep)

Plasmid DNA Extraction (Gigaprep)

Plasmid DNA Extraction (Megaprep)

Protein Quantification (BCA Assay)

Gel Extraction

Western Blot Washer

Mononuclear Cell Isolation from Whole Blood

Insect Cell Culture

Cell Nuclei Protein Extraction

Cell Lysate Preparation (Denatured)

Cell Lysate Preparation (Native)

Tissue Lysate Preparation (Denatured)

Tissue Lysate Preparation (Native)

BLAST - Nucleotide

Rotary Microtome Section


Sandwich ELISA-Isotype Detection

Integra CL350 Cell Cultivation

PCR Mutagenesis

Competent Cell Preparation

Calcium Phosphate Transfection

Precipitor TM Operation

Precipitorâ„¢ Installation

pH-Meter Care And Calibration

Introduction With Calibrate a Pipette

Protemist DT II - Automated Protein Synthesizer

LB Plate Preparation

LB Medium Preparation

BLAST - Multiple Alignment

Gene Conserved Domains

BLAST - Protein

BLAST - PCR Primers Design

Protemist XE

SDS-PAGE Preparation

Methylation-specific PCR

Volume Estimation in Pipette Tips

Chimera RNA Interference

Gene pathway software

Gene SNP

Serial Dilution

Gene Map Viewer

Gene Homology

Emulsification (CFA and IFA)

Protemist DTII - Operation

Mouse Genotyping

MTT Assay

Blood Smear

Cell Fixation

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