A video podcast on the Koshland Science Museum's interactive exhibit on Infectious Disease featuring interviews with Erica Shugart, Ph.D., deputy director and exhibit curator, Dr. Eliott Kieff, Har... | more...

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Lecture list for this course

mHealth: Infectious Disease in a Mobile Age

Biofuels in Puerto Rico (MWV30)

Cheese And Microbes (MWV28)

Canary in a Coal Mine (MWV16)

Food Safety 101 (MWV33)

Transmission of disease from animal to human

Germ Proof Your Kids (MWV26)

Bacteria Lab (MWV25)

The Singing Toxicologist (MWV20)

West Nile (MWV19)

Return to Zambia (MWV17)

Modern Transportation & Infectious Disease (MWV15)

HIV/AIDS Education in America (MWV14)

Microbe Lab (MWV13)

Petri Dish Circus (MWV12)

The Maloy Lab (MWV11)

Save the Oysters - Part 2 (MWV10)

Save the Oysters - Part 1 (MWV9)

ASM in Zambia (MWV7)

Science Comedian Brian Malow (MWV5)

Microblogology (MWV6)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 1)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 2)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 3)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 4)

Tiny conspiracies (Part 5)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 6)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 7)

Tiny Conspiracies (Part 8)

Adaptations and Evolution of an RNA Virus

The Life of an RNA Virus 2

Discussions on HIV and RNA Viruses

The Quickest Response to Virus Infections

Preventive Measures of Dealing with HIV and RNA Virus

Eddie Holmes - Adaptation and Evolution (Part 6)

Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 1 (MWV2)

Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 2 (MWV3)

Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 3 (MWV4)

Why scientists need to write?

ReGenesis (MWV8)

ICAAC Boston 2010 (MWV40)

An Iconography of Contagion (MWV 24)


This Week in Virology - Live in Philly (MWV33)

Global warming may spur new fungal diseases

Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds?

Infecting Minds with Science in the Age of New Media

Inside the Mind's Eye: Communicating Science with New Media

USA Science and Engineering Festival - Part 1

USA Science and Engineering Festival - Part 2

Investigating the Origins of Disease with Beatrice Hahn (MWV

Metabolomics and the Microbiome (MWV45)

One Health & Lessons Learned from the 1999 West Nile Virus

Interview with Larry Madoff, Editor of ProMED-mail (MWV47)

Emerging Diseases - Early Warning and Surveillance Systems

TWiV Live at the 2011 ASM General Meeting in New Orleans

This Week in Microbiology Live in NOLA (MWV50)

David Relman: The Stability of the Human Microbiome (MWV51)

Diane Harper: HPV Vaccine Efficacy (MWV52)

MWV Episode 53 - TWiV Live in the Windy City

MWV Episode 54 - TWiM number 16

Episode 54 of MicrobeWorld Video

MWV Episode 55 - Francis Arnold: Laboratory Evolution

Ron Atlas: Publication of H5N1 Research (MWV57)

MWV Episode 59 - Anne K. Jones - Cyanobacteria's Potential a

ASM at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (MWV60)

Evolution in a Flask by Richard Lenski

Forest Rohwer: Microbes of the ocean, coral reefs

Anne Tanner: Microbes of the Mouth (MWV64)

Natalie Prystajecky: Norovirus (MWV65)

MWV Episode 66 - Curtis Suttle: Marine Virology

MWV Episode 68 - Threading the NEIDL: TWiV Goes Inside a BSL

Richard Cogdell - Bacterial Photosynthesis (MWV69)

MWV Episode 72 - Jonathan Eisen - Evolvability, the Built En

MWV Episode 74 - David Bhella - Electron-cryomicroscopy

MWV Episode 76 - Jeffrey Almond - Vaccine Development

MWV Episode 80 - Harald zur Hausen - Human Papilloma Virus (

MWV #81 - Sheldon Campbell - The Singing Microbiologist

Rob Knight - The Microbiome Project (MWV Episode 82)

Cultures Magazine Launch Event Highlights - MWV 84

A microbe lover in San Diego (MWV93)

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.