Notice how the cell membrane detaches form the cell wall as the hypertonic solution (15% salty water) enters the cell. | more...

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Ameoba eating algae

urine genetic test

Argosy Medical Animation Aging Bone

Osteoporosis-3D Medical Animation

How the livers are infected by Hepatitis C

Anatomy of the forearm part 1

Live frog eggs are developing

Functioins of differet parts of urinary system

Nephron Function

Endocrine System, Pituitary Gland

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion Presentation

Images of Onion Cells on video

What Onion cells look like

The Onion Cell

Magnification of an Onion Cell

Red Blood Cells

Oxygen Transport

CO2 Transport

2D Medical Animation: Clot Formation and Clot Breakdown

Cardiac Cycle

Nucleus Medical Art Animation


Animation about diabetes and the body.

Diabetes Animation

Categories of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes and diabetics


Animation of signal transmission in the brain

Central Nervous System and Strokes

Cathode ray tube and electron

Magnetization of Cathode Ray.

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

20-Second Story about Hydrogen Bonding

Random Movements of Brownian Motion

Brownian motion process

Decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas

John Dalton and the Atomic Theory

Organic Chemistry Lab: Recrystallization

Titrations (in brief)

Lec 25 | MIT 3.091 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Rutherford's Experiment: Nuclear Atom

Nucleus of an atom

Bohr's model of the atom


Type of radioactive particles

Cloud Chamber to Observe Radioactivity

Nitric Acid

Creating Thalassemia Awareness


RNA interference

The Human Genome Project Video - 3D Animation Introduction

Galvanic Cell Animation (Zn/Cu)

Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster: An Animation

Nice reaction-KMnO4+H2O2

Processed Amoeba video clip


Spirogyra Cell Colonies

Volvox observed under a microscope

Segment of a Tapeworm

radioactive dacay

VMS 8th Grade Exothermic Reaction Lab

Aqua Regia

The Electron and its Motion

Ripple Tank Experiment 6: Reflection of Straight Wave by Cur

Ripples - two point source interference

Electromagnetic Field Experiment 1

The Refractive Index of Water

Effect of air on the speed of light

AS & A Level Maths Trigonometry

Basic Trigonometry


Antibiotics - Dangerous or Safe?

Hospital Management Training - Healthcare Administration College - Heritage Education

DNA Transcription and Protein Assembly

Faraday's Law of Induction

Aluminium and chlorine




The Limbic System

What is the limbic system?

Nastic Movement

Phototropic Response of Plants


All About Geotropism

Movement in plants

Plant Growth and Movement

Science introduction to Phototropism

James Chadwick and the neutron

James Chadwicks Experiment Video

Autobiography of Niels Bohr

Neils Bohr's Contribution to Science

Frog Development

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.