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Lecture list for this course

Zebrafish Development

Ab HV region

Model of Alpha Helix Structure

Apoptosis mechanism

How Bacteria move: The Flagellum

Brownian Motion: randnom movement

Northen Blot

DNA Synthesis: Structural View

MOA of angiotensin in heart disease

Do You Use Your Inhaler Properly?

Animation of egg release form ovary

Alveoli: the place where gas is exchanged

Animation of a Beating Heart

How Nerve cells comunicate?

Animation of egg fertilization

DNA multiplying

Red Blood Cells: Capillary blood flow

Animation of cell division

Heart: positioning

Tibia: The Leg's Bone

Spermatogenesis: The Production of Sperm Cells

The Drosophila Molecular Clock Model Part 1

The Drosophila Molecular Clock Model Part 2

The Drosophila Molecular Clock Model Part 3

The Drosophila Molecular Clock Model Part 4

The Drosophila Molecular Clock Model Part 5

The Human Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Day Or Night?

The mammalian molecular clock model part 1

The mammalian molecular clock model part 2

The mammalian molecular clock model part 3

The Mammalian Molecular Clock Model Part 4

Measuring circadian activity in drosophila part 1

Measuring circadian activity in drosophila part 2

Measuring Circadian Activity in Drosophila Part 3

Measuring Circadian Activity in Drosophila Part 4

Danign with Tree Ringa

Sequencing Idea: Sydney Brenner

Processing DNA

DNA profiling

PCD or Apoptosis

Ataxia telangiectasia CureTour

The Ovarian Cyst Syndrome Pelvic Pain

Colon: Ulcerative colitis

Histopathology Heart, pericardium - Metastatic breast carcinoma

Thyroid - Papillary carcinoma

Breast - Lobular carcinoma

Bladder - Transitional Epithelium

Lung - Squamous cell carcinoma

Skin--Squamous cell carcinoma

Esophagus - Squamous cell carcinoma

Tongue - Squamous cell carcinoma

Penis-Carcinoma in situ

Cervix - Squamous cell carcinoma

Cervix -Squamous metaplasia & carcinoma in-situ

Histology of kidney and liver

Honologous recombinationof DNA: Holliday Junction

Nucleotide excision repair (NER) of carcinogen adducts

Holliday Junction

The Epic Tale of the Double Holliday Junction

The Genetics of Wildlife Conservation

Health matters: The genetics of Schizophrenia and other human disorders

A Celebration of 50 Years of DNA in Medicine: Stem Cell Biology and Disease

Dioscovery of DNA structure: 50 years celebtation

Simulations of the villin headpiece

Talks Craig Venter: A voyage of DNA, genes and the sea

Talks Barry Schuler: An introduction to genomics

Talks James Watson: The double helix and today's DNA myster

Paul Rothemund: Casting spells with DNA

Paul Rothemund: The astonishing promise of DNA folding

Talks Joe DeRisi: Hunting the next killer virus

Trastuzumab commonly Herceptin

We Can Do Better

Treatment of breast cancer

Biomarker Discovery Project

Early detection: important for servival

Immune system: effect of beta glucan

How beta glucan boost the immune system

Chromosome 11-Inside Look-Animated tutorial

Seahorsin Around

NurseReview.Org - Animation on Carbon Dioxide Transport

Animation on Cell Division by NurseReview

NurseReview.Org - Animation on Cell Division

NurseReview.Org - Animation on Central Venous Line Insertion

NurseReview.Org - Animation on Cocaine

Cocaine rendered molecule animation

Intramuscular injection-demonstrated

Animated demonstration of intramuscular injection

NurseReview.Org Animation on Oogenesis

Animation on Oogenesis

NurseReview.Org Animation on Reuptake Inhibitor

Animation on Spermatogenesis by NurseReview

Treatment for CRVO

Anti-VEGF Agents

Intravitreal Injection Survey Results

What are Anti-VEGF Agents?

Aspirin Absorption

Medical Animation: Kidney Function in Filtering Contrast

Calculus: Derivatives 3

Differentiation within Calculus

Calculus: Derivatives 6

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.