Actin and myosin cross-bridge cycling causes muscle contraction. Contraction may occur voluntarily of involuntarily. Voluntary contraction is controlled by the impulses generated in the brain and i... | more...

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Red Blood Cells under microscope

How lactose turns on the lac operon

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Operation of a heart muscle

Protein experiment

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Myosin Motors

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Myosin 17.7

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The Beating Heart Cell

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Cholesterol - biosynthesis

Which gene to express? B-cell knows


Chemotaxis of protist

Kingfisher catching prey

Synapse: The place of information exchanege


Mitochondria Plasticity

Signal Transduction Animation

How a stroke can affect the emotional brain.


What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Emotions: who controls them?

How your memory works?

Aging brain

Asymmetric division

Mass Spectrometry: General Principles

Germ layer: ecto-,endo- and mesoderm

Neuroblast differentiation in Drosophilla


Development of nervous system

How Drosophila develops it's nervous system?

Nucleokinesis: centrosome's dance

Calcium and movement of nucelus

Nucleokinesis and calcium levels

How do we become addicted?

Child brain pt. 2

Child brain pt. 1

Neuron Network

Baby brain

Human Development: from fertilization to fetus

Newwet limb generation

Nuclear Transfer Explained

Embryonic stem cells in culture: how to control them?

How cloning is done?

DNA: what it is?

Transgenic Mouse in Bio-Medicine


Diffusion: A Gas

Fatty Acid Biosynthesis



Ctr1 drives intestinal copper absorption

Role of myosin cross-bridge in the contraction of muscle

Action Potentials and Muscle Contraction

Muscle Contraction

Structure of DNA explained in detail

DNA and Molecule 3D Interaction

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

PCR and Real-time PCR

PCR polymerase chain reaction

HIV life Cycle

The Structure of HIV

frequency 528 ( DNA repair freq )

Cell. Heal Thyself

Animated Quantum Video

Western blot

Gene Expression Animation

Integrin-Collagen binding model, PMAP

Mitochondria ATP synthesis


The Process of Gastrulation in Drosophila

Formation of a Drosophila Ventral Furrow

Drosophila egg that is unfertilized

Bicoid-GFP photobleaching in early Drosophila embyros

Bicoid gradient formation in Drosophila embryos

Mitotic Divisions in a Fruitfly Embryo

Dye injection into a Drosophila embyro and observation

Drosophila gastrulation/ventral furrow formation

Lucilia embryogenesis/mitotic divisions

Lucilia embryogenesis/gastrulation 1

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