There are several stages in this process and each stage is directed by a specific cell type. | more...

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Lecture list for this course

Molecular Visualization of DNA

DNA Replication Process

James Watson: The double helix and today's DNA mysteries

Talks Aubrey de Grey

The Cell Membrane

How chemical equilibrium is achieved in cells

Chromosomes defined

Skin: A Protective Coat

Growth of A Nail

Hair Formation

Movement of the Joints

The Skull

The Body's Bony Frame

Tooth Enamel

Three Kinds of Cartilage

Structural features of bones

Skin Color

Immune Response with Beta Glucan

The Human Skin Animation Video

mRNA splicing animation

Mechanism of gene expression

The wonders of a tiny cell

Evolution BT Corn Genes and Bug Genes

Structure and Function of Cytochrome

Role of enzymes in digestion of food

Digestion of protein, fat and carbohydrate

Gastrointestinal tract in action

Understanding Action Potential and Nerve Impulses

Action potential movements

Neurons and How They Work

Neural Impulse

Prozac: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)



Protein Functions in the Body

The Endocrine System: How it Functions

Pregnancy and Fetal Development Animation

Human Reproduction: Fertilization and Fetal Development


How the Body Works : Female Reproductive Organs

The Digestive System animation

Circulatory system

Digestive system

How the Body Works : Repair of Bone

Organic Chemistry: Intermolecular Forces

Types of muscles and their control

Nervous System: how it works

Anatomy: Skeletal Muscle Naming Criterias

Blastocyst Formation

In vitro fertilization

Information on IVF & ICSI

Reversal of tubal ligation and in vitro fertilization

IVF Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy

IVF ICSI indications Dr. Soto-Albors

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Dr. Lovely

Male Infertility and Vasectomy Reversal Dr. Gould

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Dr. Gililland

TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction-testicular biopsy)

Physics with Mr. Noon: Refraction Simulation

Comparing Hominid Skulls with Dr. Robert Martin

Transposable Element


Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker

Understanding the Evolution of the Flagellum

Discovering the Evolution of the Flagellum

Evidence for Evolution, Part I

Evidence for evolution, part III

Evolution Evidence , Part III

Why Young Earth Creationists are WRONG, Part II

A Concept creationists don't understand

Big Numbers: a Concept Creationists Don't Understand

Defining Irreducible Complexity

The Creation Museum Teaches Super Evolution

Micro vs. Macro Growth

All Ideas are NOT Created Equal

How Evolution REALLY Works, Part I

Understanding Evolution by Natural Selection

Evolution and How It Works

What Every Creationist Must DENY

Electron Transport video

Endorphin (Euphoria technology Showreel)

Epigenetic Mechanisms

Fate of Fat in The Body

Video of Artificial ATP Nanomachine

Mechanism of glucose utilization by the body

Intron Splicing Group I Part 1/2

Intron Splicing Group I Part 2/2

How Caffeine Works?

DNA packaging (detailed explanation)

DNA packaging 3D animation with basic narration

How does Prozac works? (brief animation)

How does SSRIs and MAO Inhibitors Work?

Prion: the mysterious killer

Video of Hydrocephalus

In Situ Hybridization (ISH)

Apoptosis Induction

Secondary Messenger System and Insulin


Secretion of insulin

Insulin video

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.