Mitochondrion structure. Data is obtained by using electron microscope. wikipedia Info: In cell biology, a mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in most eukary... | more...

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Lecture list for this course

3D structure of chromosome

Usage of PDB file in analysing 3D structure of proteins

Elangation factor EF-Tu

Structure of DNA helicase

Cross Strand Exchange During Recombination

Ribosome structure and tRNA binding site (3-D structure)

Comparison of two state of bacterial ribosome

Flourescence recovery after photobleaching

Membrane fluidity

Video of membrane rapture by detergent adding.

Nuclear Receptor signalling

RNA interference (RNAi)

Tuberculosis and other infectious bacteria

Lifecycle of an miRNA ( microRNA)

Triskelion (clathrin)

Travel of newly synthesized membrane proteins.

Passanger proteins going out of cells

Rap5 protein and endosome fusion under microscope

The Cellular Process of Engulfing Solid Particles

ATP synthase function - human model

Cell compartments

How RNA is transcripted from DNA?

CTLA-4 and any tumor medicine

Activated T Cells attacking on cancer cells.

Peroxisome proliferator - Activated Receptor

How do We Hear? The Cochlea

Exclusion Mapping

MECP2: Gene Expression in Ress Syndrome

The Proteasome: Degredation of Proteins

New Expansion in DNA -

X Chromosome Inactivation: Mozaicism

Cellular Screening

Chem's and Biology's Spaces Collided

DOS Matrix: Combinations of Building Blocks

Furrowstatin: Part I

Furrowstatin part II

Furrowstatin: Part III

Molecular Screening: How to Tind the Useful ones?

Rapamycin it's Molecular Action

MicroArray: How is it produced?

Inactivation of protein

Deciphering the Language of Sex 1

Deciphering the Language of Sex 2

Deciphering the Language of Sex 3

Deciphering the Language of Sex 4

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol dangers on the Body

How the Body Works; Cancer Growth

How Does Skin Cancer Work?

Cancer Metastasis: CXCR4

The Dangers of Metastasis

Body proportion

What happens at Child Birth ?

How the Body Works brain and thinking

Rna interference ( uploaded again)

A VIsual of Turbulent flow Chromatography

Chemistry Lesson: Ph Tests for Acids & Bases : Chemistry Ph

Male Physiology 2/3

Male Physiology 3/3

Female Physiology 2/3

Sterilization of women by tubal ligation

How the Sense of Sight Works with The Vision Center

Understanding the Visual System

The human brain: nature’s supper computer

The Human Body - Aproach To Epilepsy

Health: Say ALOHA to Heart Disease

Safe level of cholesterol

Health: Diagnosing Heart Problems

Calculus: Derivatives 5

Derivatives (part 8)

Derivatives (part 9)

Analysis of Genetics and the Structure of DNA -- PART 1

The structure of DNA and genetics PART 1

Genetic Replication

Genetics Guide - Part 1

Supermassive blackholes - part 1

Supermassive Blackholes - PART 2

Supermassive Blackholes - PART 3

Supermassive Blackholes - PART 4

Super Massive Black Holes (Part 5 of 5)

Systems of equations

Advanced ratio problems

Age word problems 3

Solving a quadratic by factoring

Complex Numbers (part 2)

Quadratic Formula (proof)

Functions Part 2

Proof: log a + log b = log ab

Proof: log_a (B) = (log_x (B))/(log_x (A))

Water and the water cycle

NASA celebrates 40th anniversary

The Next Generation of Space Communications

NASA Making the Impossible Possible

Lunar Eclipse Essentials in 3D

Noctilucent Clouds

Satellites See Smoke Plume from Fourmile Canyon fire blazing

Sun Studies for Kids

Ten Years of Global Fire Observations

Top Solar Discoveries-Unlocking the Secret of Space Weather

Top Solar Discoveries part 4

Earth's climate and what affects it

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.